Crosswind Flight Training is now a part of Propellerhead Aviation, Inc.

Crosswind Flight Training based at Sanford Orlando International Airport (KSFB) in Florida, is now a part of Winter Haven-based Propellerhead Aviation, Inc. With the addition of the Sanford flight training center, Propellerhead Aviation now offers flight training options from two locations in Central Florida to help fulfill the growing demands from the airline industry for new pilots. Propellerhead Aviation specializes in Accelerated Flight Training programs designed to offer new and existing pilots a fast track to a career in the aviation industry, or a more convenient means of traveling for business. Student flight training schedules allow a new student to become a certificated pilot in as little as 2-3 weeks.

With the Sanford-based Crosswind Flight Training location, Propellerhead now offers students an additional location to train that can provide the unique benefits of operating in tower controlled airspace and prepares a new commercial pilot for the types of communication they’ll come to expect on a daily basis. The existing Winter Haven location provides a more relaxed training environment that allows a student to focus on initial flight training without the distractions that may come from operating in a controlled environment at the start. Our training programs cater to each individual student to find the appropriate path that is best.

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