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Have you ever looked up at the sky as an airplane goes soaring by and thought, “That would be so cool to try”? That is when the dream starts and I am here to tell you it never goes away. To most of us getting a chance to fly as a Private Pilot or as a Commercial Pilot is only a dream. A few years ago we started Crosswind Flight Training for the pure passion of flying and we wanted to be the place to jump-start those dreams. Crosswind Flight Training is a Part 61 flight school located at the Orlando-Sanford International Airport (KSFB). For years we have been training new pilots, helping licensed pilots that have not been up in a while and offering flight reviews for experienced pilots. Our highly experienced instructors are the best in the industry. We understand that not everyone learns the same way. We know that if we get a room full of students not all of them are going to learn, understand and absorb all of the information at the same pace. Our focus is on each individual student. We create a custom schedule and flight lessons based on their personal lifestyle and the way each person learns. Our proven one-on-one instruction program has produced exceptional pilots for years and will for many more to come. Contact us to set up a time for your first flight with one of our instructors.

Flight Training Private, Instrument and Commercial Pilot programs.
Aircraft Rental
Crosswind Flight Training offers aircraft rentals at excellent rates. 
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